Quick and Simple Form Creator for PHP

by Keith D Commiskey

Welcome to the quick and simple Form-a-Form creator for PHP!

The form-a-form will allow you to create a form that you can use as a template, or rather, as a really great start for your forms. It not only generates the HTML code for the form, but generates the PHP query aspects of the form as well. It is quite simply to get you started, and get all the monotonous and boring form tags setup stuff out of the way up front, allowing you to concentrate more on the analytical design concept and form tweaking instead.

What this form does is ask for some information that will help layout your form, then provide the html code for you to use.

Although you don't have to use the database storage and retrieval functionality that form-a-form provides, if you do, form-a-form currently only supports PHP and MySQL database integration. However, as form-a-form is intended as only a get-you-started application anyway, you can (and most likely will) tweak the final code to your liking and needs anyway.

    Form-a-form will provide the code for:

  1. The initial form (form preview), as a user would see it when they first arrived,
  2. The form as it would be if the form were posted back to itself (end user), and
  3. A link to my Database Record Selector and Editor (DB-RSE) which allows for editing of recorded data (admin).

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Cost for the use of Form-a-Form:

Due to people forgetting they signed up for this service as a subscription, and my getting chargebacks (for $1.95 no less), despite it being non-refundable, and despite the contract they signed with the PayPal subscription service, I have discontinued this service until I can find a better method for providing this service.

Please thank both PayPal for not protecting the seller and honoring their contracts, as well as people who don't understand what a subscription is.

If you have suggestions with regards to this, please feel free to use the comment form to the right.

Thank you and sincerely,
Keith D Commiskey

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    Agreement between you (the end user) and me (the owner):

  • The cost is non-refundable, whether you use form-a-form or not.
  • Problems and issues are handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • A username and password will be provided for form use for the time allotted.
  • Only one username can be logged in at a time. If this is violated, account will be terminated and any time and monies leftover are forfeited.

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