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Guess-a-Number System (v1.00)

Guess-a-Number System

Dec 14, 2017 - 3:31 pm

Welcome to the Guess-a-Number System. This particular system will allow for 2 matches.
What is on the auction block? What is at stake? What is to be had?

A fantastic prize of 'perplexing' powers; Your very own ... pencil! (complete with eraser.)

Numbers will be picked on Sep 11, 2027 at sometime after 9:00 AM.
No more guesses will be allowed after Sep 10, 2027.
Random numbers will be generated until 2 matches have been made.
You do not need to be present.

To join in, enter your name and e-mail address, then select a number from the list
(from 1 to 15) and "Place your Guess"

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