Random Pick-a-Meal

by Keith D Commiskey

What it is: This is a PHP/MySQL-driven web based "Random Food Type and Restaurant Selector". You choose multiple Food Types or Restaurants from a list that you create, and it will randomly pick one for you.

The Restaurant side of the program provides for more detail, such as what type of restaurant it is (allows for two 'eat types'), and then lets you filter the restaurant list based on these filters. You then make a multiple selection, and let the program select where it is you're going to eat.

This web app is one PHP page, but uses two AJAX calls to one other PHP file, thanks to the Ajax Toolbox by Matt Kruse. The database consists of one table with 6 fields. There is even a good starter base table for the food types and restaurants that folks can start from.

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Random Meal Selector

ONLINE VERSION (2016) Useful for 'on the go' picks. You can also set up your own Food Types and Restaurant lists.
Visit the Pick-a-Meal Online page.

DEMO (online version)
See how it works!

FILE DOWNLOAD (2013) (for setting it up yourself)
Visit the Pick-a-Meal SourceForge.Net page.

DEMO (file download version)
See how it works!

dbconnect.php - customization file
pickameal.php - this file, which runs by itself in your browser
pickameal_ajax.php - query calls
pickameal.sql - database table structure and sample data
pickameal_versions.html - History of Pick-A-Meal
AjaxRequest.js - AjaxToolbox from Matt Kruse at http://www.AjaxToolbox.com/

dbconnect.php is the only file that requires modification.


Random Pick-a-Meal Can't decide what to eat? Can't decide where to eat? Let the Random Pick-a-Meal pick it for you! Choose, Pick, and Go Eat! You can also add, activate, and de-activate selections

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