Random Pick-a-Meal

Can't decide what to eat? Can't decide where to eat?
Let the Random Pick-a-Meal pick it for you!


Choose, Pick, and Go Eat!

To select between Food Types or Restaurants:
Select either Food Type or Restaurant from the Select a List options, then click the "Select Choice" button.

To have a Food Type randomly selected:
Select which Food Types (multiple) from the list to the right, then click the "Let's Go Eat!" button.

For Restaurants: To shorten/refine the list:
Select Filters from the Filter Restaurants list, and click the "Filter Eat Types" button.

To add Food Types/Restaurants back to the available list:
Select Food Types/Restaurants (multiple) from the Non-Actives list below, and click the "Activate" button

To add a Food Type/Restaurant:
Type the Food Type/Restaurant (single) into the Add a Food Type/Restaurant text box below, and click the "Add a Food Type/Restaurant" button (for Restaurants, you can also select up to two Eat Types [optional]).

Edit a Restaurant:
Select Restaurant(s) from the Active Restaurants list, select up to two Eat Types [optional], and click the "Edit Restaurant" button. Each restaurant you click on will display it's Eat Type attributes (if assigned). You can also filter the Active Restaurants list by clicking the "Show Non-Categorized" link below the list.

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