KD-reCall:  Mobile Reminder Apps
KD-reCall aims to be a free collection of individual mobile 'reminder' apps; designed to help us all stay focused on our own bigger pictures.
Visit the login / sign-up page to create a free account or log in.
Reminder Apps (to be):
Hungry on Hand (pilot app) Food on hand reminder See what you've got to snack on at a glance. Was: Snacks on Hand. TBA
You can also visit the 'Issue and Feature Tracker' home page hosted on BitBucket

KD-reCall Update [2021-04-03]

The pilot app, Hungry on Hand, is now in 'Closed Testing.' It is now available to anyone wanting to test, or use it—for personal use, or to see how a budding Flutter developer's first app works.

  • Simply contact [Keith] (me, the developer) with your email address, and a simple 'Request to test [Hungry]' (or something of the sort), and I'll add you to the Testers list.

For additional KD-reCall development progress, please visit the KD-reCall wiki page on BitBucket.

Mobile App Suite Details

  • All reminder apps in the KD-reCall collection are free, ad-free, and tracking-free (more details in the 'App Suite Notes' available in the footer link).
  • Only one account is needed for all the apps in the collection.
  • Login, registration, and password reset attempts are all throttled.
  • All authentication system features are available via any KD-reCall mobile app, as well as from this web interface.