KD-reCall:  Mobile Reminder Apps
KD-reCall aims to be a free collection of simple mobile 'reminder' apps; designed to help us all stay focused on our own bigger pictures.
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Reminder Apps (app complete *):
B4-I-Go (second pilot) Preparation reminders Preparation reduces stress.
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KD-reCall Update [2021-09-11]

The pilot app, Hungry on Hand, is live in the Google Play Store.

The second and third apps, B4-I-Go and Xpired To Be, are also live and available in both stores (see their descriptions above for links).

Problems or suggestions? Visit the 'Issue and Feature' page hosted on BitBucket

For additional KD-reCall development insights, please visit the KD-reCall wiki page, also on BitBucket.

Mobile App Suite Details

  • All reminder apps in the KD-reCall collection are free, ad-free, and tracking-free (more details in the 'App Suite Notes' available in the footer link).
  • Only one account is needed for all the apps in the collection.
  • Login, registration, and password reset attempts are all throttled.
  • All authentication system features are available via any KD-reCall mobile app, as well as from this web interface.