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Friday, March 14, 2008

Ding Ding - Doujhe: 40; Mount Acquired

Finally! But well worth the trouble of getting here. Having a mount is as sweet as I thought it would be. After waiting around 1/2 hour for anyone to go through Gnomeregan with, giving up and completing a couple quests, I got down to Southshore where I defeated Tethyr and voila! Level 40!

Headed straight to Stormwind after that to seek out my favorite Pally Trainer, and got my Mount Summon for 80 Silver :) From what I understand, this is most likely the easiest mount to obtain (no quest and very low cost).

And with Doujhe at Level 40, I will begin working his brothers and sister up to Level 20. Then I'll come back and work Doujhe up to 50. Well, at least this is my plan for now.


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