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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Da'ajhn Still Stealthing

Da'ajhn spent two days holding his breath while completing two quests in Horde territory. Mostly stealthing around in Charred Valley, was able to avoid numerous close calls.

The first encounter was a L24 Tauren Druid and a L35 Tauren Warrior. The L24 backed right up on me while I was stealthed and was watching them from some rocks. Luck would have he did not see me. I also got to watch both die once at the breath of a L28 elite.

After that, was barely able to slip into stealth before a Level ?? Orc Warrior saw me. Kept my eye out for him, as well as a L30 Blood Elf Mage. The L?? Orc ran over me twice while I was stealthed. Was quite glad my luck held up and he didn't take notice of who he was walking on. Then again, in cat form, which is actually a beast and not a humanoid, I believe I'm typically mistaken for just another prowler.

Da'ajhn then spent the better part of a few days looking for a group to go through Gnomeregan. First day, first group, one of the pack kept pulling too much agro, and the group split. Second day, second group, took 1/2 hour for the group to make it out of Gnomer to come get me and the guy that said I could join, and by the time they made it out, they'd decided to go somewhere else. Third day I went in a little ways on my own, but knew I couldn't handle the elites as well as Doujhe did, so headed back to Astranaar.

Met up with a guy to do a few quests with. He also introduced me to Blackfathom Deeps. Didn't get any XP based on how low the mobs are, although they are elites, but was able to finish up one of the quests. That quest got me just shy of Level 30.

After my latest quest-helper left for the night, I finished up one of the quests in BFD. After finishing, I found my way and headed out. Luckily, I was a bit cautious when exiting, knowing I was in Horde territory, and didn't run up on a L?? Orc Warrior (same on from before perhaps?)... Saw him facing right at me as I was headed up the stairs, turn tail, and jumped back down in the water, where I shapeshift to my cat and stealthed. A few minutes of anxiety passed, and I very slowly stealthed my way out.

Headed back to Auberdine, turned in the quest, and headed to bed...


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