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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Monthly Entry: Da'ajhn (daajhn)

Entry DateLevelJournal Entry
2008-04-2832Leveled again in Darkshire. Should continue here then move on to Redridge Mountains (Lakeshire) and Dun Morogh.
2008-05-1534Finishing off loose end quests so can concentrate on one area. Need to get Expert Coookbook from Shandrina in Ashenvale (Silverwind Refuge). Then need to level up in Darnassus, and acquire aquatic form.
2008-05-1634Ended up in and doing quests in Shimmering Flats. Perhaps can finish tomorrow night. Hopefully still won't be any Horde around to interfere (this is contested territory after all). Then will get FP from further south.
2008-05-1735Paired around doing some quests with another player for a few quests here and there. Didn't level much after that due to not soloing.
2008-05-1736Ding 36 (in Stranglethorn Vale if I remember correctly). After that, just did leveling maintenance. Also did inventory swapping between all my chars.
2008-05-2537Ding 37 (in Stranglethorn Vale). Need to get rest of quest pages so I can get these out of my inventory (each page takes a slot, ouch). Continuing with auctions.
2008-05-2939Ding 39 (in Hillsbrad Foothills). Need 5 more in cooking for my 200 mark, but really looking forward to 40 (not sure why with druid, I already have cat travel form which is near as fast).
2008-05-3040Ding 40 (again in Hillsbrad Foothills). Only 2 more in cooking for 200 mark. Will probably just get a couple things to cook via AH, and then level up. After that, will move on to advance Dehstni. Probably should take the plunge on 2nd bank tab too.


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