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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dehrange Hits 40

Entry DateLevelJournal Entry
2008-07-0226Ding 26 in Ashenvale. Questing in Forst Song. Reminder: Get leatherworking up for Hillman's Cloak.
2008-07-0733Ding 27-32 throughout Ashenvale/Forest Song. Although it says I should, questing in Desolace is more of a mid-30s to 40 level area. Headed to Darkshire for a few quests there (ding 33), then will try Shimmering Flats. Am 'trying' to stay in Kalimdor.
2008-07-1034Ding 34 in Shimmering Flats. Should make 35 and even perhaps 36 there too. That should get me back into Desolace, and perhaps even into Dustwallow Marsh. I should also have enough to get Leatherworking over 200, but will probably wait until level 36.
2008-07-1438Ding up to 38 in Shimmering Flats, Desolace, then Stranglethorn Vale. 35-40 is a bit challenging in Kalimdor, so decided to just hit 40 (at least) in Stranglethorn Vale. Will head back to Dustwallow Marsh, then probably Feralas, after questing in SV.
2008-07-1539Ding 39 in Stranglethorn Vale. Only one or two more quests from level 40, then can move on to Deajhd. Will consider abandoning SV quests at 40 in lieu of migrating back to Kalimdor. SV is a great place to level 35-40 though.
2008-07-1740Ding 40 in Stranglethorn Vale. Got Elekk mount and ability to wear mail. Still to consider abandoning SV quests in lieu of migrating back to Kalimdor.


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