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Monday, September 29, 2008

Multiple Character Stats Comments Page

You can now leave comments on and rate the Multiple Character Stats page. You can also vote for your favorite class while you're there.

I created the Multiple Character Stats page as an incentive to keep all my stats up and to compare among my alts. Getting out of the gray. Getting out of maroon. Getting into the green. Looking forward to some cyan. :) Why else would someone purposely drop their weapons to fight bare handed? To get their unarmed stats up, that's why!

Seriously, comparing with your friends is good incentive too. We noticed some high level old timers with no cooking or fishing. Not that lack of those is a bad thing, but imo, they're missing out on just a few other aspects of WoW. I enjoyed finding out what that "10 Pound Mud Snapper" was that I caught. Sure felt important to me.


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