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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Level 80; Last Day

06/09 (Tue): Level 80 (main character)

06/15 (Mon): Last Day of WoW

After hitting level 80, I spent a couple days running some folks through some lower-level instances, which was kinda fun. I know once folks hit level 80, for the most part, they either do battlegrounds or raids, but I'm not really into those.

When I first started WoW, I enjoyed exploring new grounds and seeing new things, but in the end, I just enjoyed the questing, the goals to get to new areas (and new functionality), and then the goal to get to 80. I'm not sure the difference between 1-40 and 70-80 is, but my guess is there was just too much to cover. 40-70 was most enjoyed when I was able to group with my brother-in-law.

Well, without a line drawn for someone's end game, there isn't one, so I drew mine at getting to level 80. I'm back now in life to where I was prior to WoW... going over the 20+ things in life that I enjoy doing most (besides playing WoW).


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