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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Da'ajhn - A New Outlook

Having done everything 'within his means' in Darkshore, Da'ajhn decided to travel a bit. Found his way to Exodar, and then on over to Blood Watch. Will need to head back to Darkshore to finish up some quests, but believe he can level out to about 22 in the meantime here at Bloodmyst Isle.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Da'ajhn Is On

Working on leveling Da'ajhn. Up to 19 so far. Will get to 20 and move on to Dehstni.

Druids are a bit difficult in the beginning. I actually have areas I cannot go into without help. This is a bit different than my Pally. Will see how things go as Da'ajhn acquires some new forms.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ding Ding - Doujhe: 40; Mount Acquired

Finally! But well worth the trouble of getting here. Having a mount is as sweet as I thought it would be. After waiting around 1/2 hour for anyone to go through Gnomeregan with, giving up and completing a couple quests, I got down to Southshore where I defeated Tethyr and voila! Level 40!

Headed straight to Stormwind after that to seek out my favorite Pally Trainer, and got my Mount Summon for 80 Silver :) From what I understand, this is most likely the easiest mount to obtain (no quest and very low cost).

And with Doujhe at Level 40, I will begin working his brothers and sister up to Level 20. Then I'll come back and work Doujhe up to 50. Well, at least this is my plan for now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ding - Doujhe: 38

After leveling to 38, met and quested with a level 37 mage. He escorted me into 'Mudsprocket' and helped me with a couple quests in there. He would have had me going until 4:00 AM but I finally had to call it quits before we headed into a dragon-filled cave.

In addition, killed my first Horde (well, not by myself, but I probably would have). We passed a level 39 and were going to keep going, but he hit me! So, I turned around, and began to retaliate. Got a few helping hits from my questing buddy, and Mr. Level 39 was down in about 10-15 seconds.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Doujhe: Help and Escort

Well, didn't level, but had some fun completing a quest or two. More importantly though was able to help another noob who actually was a Level 30 and only started 2 weeks ago. He helped me with a minor quest of mine, then we spent the rest of the night tracking down and helping him with one of his.

His quest was to get 2 manuscripts. One was in Thousand Needles. Last week I tried finding a way to Thousand Needles, but couldn't. I had no idea at the time that The Great Lift took me right down there. I thought it headed into upper-level territory because it was protected by Level 40+ guards (and I was a 36 at that point).

In any case, we managed to find Thousand Needles by swimming all the way around the shore. Fatigued numerous times, but we found it. After fighting our way and retrieving the manuscript in Thousand Needles, I then escorted him to Southshore where his other manuscript was waiting for him.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ding - Doujhe: 37; Ganked and Corpse Camped

After leveling to 37, Doujhe got ganked by a level 41 (class?) and a level 36 mage. Turned into a sheep, then stunned, I never stood a chance. And not surprisingly, upon returning to my corpse, found both of these horde corpse campers waiting for me to resurrect. Fortunately, not being a complete idiot, I camped with them in spirit form for about 10 minutes. I watched them kill some level 37 Stormwind guards, and then with my having wasted enough of their time, they both hearthstoned back to the rock they crawled out from.

I resurrected and continued down my original path without further incident.

Additionally, and in retrospect, I also got ganked by a "Level ??" earlier on. There was one (a "Level ??") before the one I got ganked by that saw me but continued on (indicating that not all Horde are gankers).

Monday, March 3, 2008

Doujhe's Travels: Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom

Aside from leveling to 35, Doujhe has not only found his way across Kalimdor through Dustwallow Marsh and across the Barrens down close to Thousand Needles, but up through the Eastern Kingdom through Arathi Highlands, well into the Hillsbrad Foothills, and even on into Silverpine Forest. Next will be to obtain the Flight Path (FP) in Southshore, and then make his way to another FP in Aerie Peak.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ding - Duujhn: 11

Another struggle in advancing Duujhn. Although, he does have some features that are fun to work with. Still a problem dealing with more than 1 mob, I've learned to work with the different ranged shots better. I still believe his better times are much farther ahead.

Ding - Dehstni: 13

So, instead of concentrating on advancing Doujhe to 40, I got caught up seeing why Dehstni's stats wouldn't show up, so spent some time improving her skills. Success! And in improving her skillls, she also advanced in levels. Still a fairly fun character to play.