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Monday, June 30, 2008

A Helping Hand

It's nice to have friends (or alts in this case). Deajhd needs a Runed Silver Rod to do some higher level enchants. This silver rod is created by a blacksmith, which luckily Dehstni is proficient with. The silver rod requires a silver bar, which can be smelted from silver ore. Luckily, Doujhe is proficient with mining and smelting.

So Doujhe will go find and mine the silver ore, smelt the ore to a silver bar, put it in the bank so Dehstni can withdraw it and create the silver rod. She'll then put that in the bank so Deajhd can withdraw it to begin his next level of enchant proficiencies.

Obviously, Deajhd could just go to the AH and purchase a silver rod, but where's the fun in that? :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Character: Dehrange Dragnist

Well, I found I was having absolutely no fun playing a Rogue. I'm sure others have fun with it, but it seems to be something you just really need to enjoy doing. I experimented with another rogue of my level in learning to pick locks and deuling. The deuling aspects just really weren't my style. I can appreciate those that do though. It's a lot of keyboard effort. But my final thought on it was it was just a bit too much grinding for me. My warrior was similar, but somehow I pressed on with her, and she does alright now.

In light of my decision to back off from playing my rogue, I still needed a leatherworking player, and so created a Hunter with skinning and leatherworking. Welcome Dehrange to the Dragnist family. His pet, once he gets one, will be named Dehranged. He is also Draenei so he can capitalize on some inherent healing.

I'm still missing a Tailor now though, and I guess I won't have higher lockpicking capabilities, as I'm sure a rogue has to be higher in levels to get higher in the skill. Perhaps another class will come along at some point that will also offer this skill. In the meantime, I'll also need to consider how to get some tailoring into the family.

All this, and when I feel I'm finally done with the Alliance side of the Dragnist descendants, it'll then be time to move on to the Horde side. Has it been half a year since I started playing alrady???