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Monday, September 29, 2008

Multiple Character Stats Comments Page

You can now leave comments on and rate the Multiple Character Stats page. You can also vote for your favorite class while you're there.

I created the Multiple Character Stats page as an incentive to keep all my stats up and to compare among my alts. Getting out of the gray. Getting out of maroon. Getting into the green. Looking forward to some cyan. :) Why else would someone purposely drop their weapons to fight bare handed? To get their unarmed stats up, that's why!

Seriously, comparing with your friends is good incentive too. We noticed some high level old timers with no cooking or fishing. Not that lack of those is a bad thing, but imo, they're missing out on just a few other aspects of WoW. I enjoyed finding out what that "10 Pound Mud Snapper" was that I caught. Sure felt important to me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Altphilia (Altitis): At it's finest

Yes, it has been near 2 months since my last post. Why? It could have something to do with my trying to level 6 characters at once :o

I created Daajhnd to group and quest with friends from work (Aglean and Aglea). However, in creating him, he needed a mail alt, so I created Dreazz. However, Daajhnd also couldn't have gathering professions due to conflicts with Aglean and Aglea. So Daajhnd took up a couple non-gathering professions, and Dreazz was provided with two mining professions that he could skill up solo and provide the mats directly to Daajhnd. There went 1-2 weeks.

Then I got the notion to figure out what the PvP, RP, and RPPvP servers were. So I created a character on one each of those. After a couple nights, although RP could be really interesting, I also found it could be very time consuming, even for just one character. PvP on the other hand, well, that will prove to be some fun. I had already been playing as though I was PvP for near 6 months with my first character, Doujhe, because I didn't know that I always had PvP turned on. So it's no wonder everywhere I went I was getting killed by Horde :)

So, I created yet another mail alt for my primary on the PvP server I chose. Thus, Dolar and Dhesia were created on Rivendare. There went another couple weeks.

At some point, I was also pulled towards still getting Deajhd leveled to 40. Confused yet? Well, a week or two after getting back on track with Deajhd, my brother-in-law asked if I was still playing. That led to grouping/questing with him using Dhistens, my last Alliance toon to level to 40 on Windrunner. A bit on and off for a week with my brother-in-law, I then actually concentrated on Deajhd for this last week, and finally got him to 40 last night (along with 200 skills in 4 areas; fishing, wands, defense, and unarmed).

At this point, I will begin to power level Daajhnd, so that he can group/quest with Aglean's primary character, a level 63 lock on Hellscream. And by power leveling, I mean I got the "Brian Kopp's 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide", which I'm hoping will show me the quickest way to 50/60 over the next 2-3 weeks.

At the same time however, I will continue to group with my brother-in-law whenever he's on and would like to group.

And if time permits, I would love to get my primary character, Doujhe, up to at least 60.

Should someone figure out how to get 6 more hours in the day, I would also love to keep leveling both Dolar and Dhesia, as well as begin the learning/experiencing of the Horde side with Dejhde and Duujhn. Will my now level 40 characters ever hit 70? I can see that... perhaps somewhere around 2010.