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Alas, the WoW armory has moved on—This page has not. It was a ton of fun when it was working though!!

Everything below is merely for nostalgia (primarily my own).
The character data you see below should be correct (at least it was for March, 2009), however, due to:
  • the lack of information I could find on the new formats,
  • my inability to find the old weapon and profession stats,
  • and the new Character Compare feature on the WoW Armory itself,
I will no longer continue trying to get additional stats provided by the Armory. The c=130/c=132 did provide the additional data as shown here, but I've no idea where the old weapon and profession stats are.

Perhaps the Armory at some point will allow more than 4 characters, and will allow us to filter the specs we'd like to see all on one page.

Until then, I'll just be enjoying the game (when I can). Have fun!

To view your characters, you need to add a name in the URL like: wow.php?n=Doujhe,Daajhn
You can add an r= in the URL to override the default realm (Windrunner).

Add up to 3 realms with multiple names per realm using:

Please Note: The WoW Armory will ban sites for at least 12 hours that hit their database too much in too little time, so there is a 2 second delay for each character. Please be patient.

Toon Name:
Realm #1

Realm #2

Realm #3

Use old color scheme:  
Old Colors
New Colors

If the columns are empty (no data), chances are the armory is either down or not functioning correctly, you mistyped the name or realm, the characater is not level 10, or I've been temporarily banned. You can click a link under the character list to verify the character directly on the WoW Armory page.

Visit the Multiple Character Skills Comparison Comments page for additional information.

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