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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ding - Doujhe: 37; Ganked and Corpse Camped

After leveling to 37, Doujhe got ganked by a level 41 (class?) and a level 36 mage. Turned into a sheep, then stunned, I never stood a chance. And not surprisingly, upon returning to my corpse, found both of these horde corpse campers waiting for me to resurrect. Fortunately, not being a complete idiot, I camped with them in spirit form for about 10 minutes. I watched them kill some level 37 Stormwind guards, and then with my having wasted enough of their time, they both hearthstoned back to the rock they crawled out from.

I resurrected and continued down my original path without further incident.

Additionally, and in retrospect, I also got ganked by a "Level ??" earlier on. There was one (a "Level ??") before the one I got ganked by that saw me but continued on (indicating that not all Horde are gankers).


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