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Monday, March 10, 2008

Doujhe: Help and Escort

Well, didn't level, but had some fun completing a quest or two. More importantly though was able to help another noob who actually was a Level 30 and only started 2 weeks ago. He helped me with a minor quest of mine, then we spent the rest of the night tracking down and helping him with one of his.

His quest was to get 2 manuscripts. One was in Thousand Needles. Last week I tried finding a way to Thousand Needles, but couldn't. I had no idea at the time that The Great Lift took me right down there. I thought it headed into upper-level territory because it was protected by Level 40+ guards (and I was a 36 at that point).

In any case, we managed to find Thousand Needles by swimming all the way around the shore. Fatigued numerous times, but we found it. After fighting our way and retrieving the manuscript in Thousand Needles, I then escorted him to Southshore where his other manuscript was waiting for him.


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