Informative solutions via web development, database connectivity, CAD and 3D modeling, computer animation, VRML, still renderings, image optimization, web illustration and interactive graphics.
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Operation 'Learning Links', established May 2006
A dedication to a site (or sites) here on my main page that provide different aspects of learning. I will rotate these out every 1-12 months, providing enough time for them to gain at least some additional exposure. And with that, Operation 'Learning Links' has been established.

Chesscademy Inc.

Learning to think ahead.

What better educational tool for anyone, kids especially, than a 'game' which helps one learn to think. Just as learning to play an instrument can be beneficial for growth* (and yes, feel free to disagree, as we're all entitled), I believe learning thinking games can also expand one's mind and increase their learning level. Chesscademy, in my opinion, does just that, and they do it well.

Chesscademy: A fun and easy way to learn chess. Watch video lessons, tackle exercises, and solve puzzles online – and do it all for free. The team at Chesscademy works to offer free online lessons for people around the world who want to learn how to play chess chess or improve their existing game. Chesscademy strives to provide a chess education of the very highest caliber through courses and chess tactics, and their hope is you'll agree.

KDC-Info, Specializing in web connectivity (i.e. web development) using HTML, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.
When I do perform side work, I provide customized input to fit your needs, and attention to detail through thorough & continual analyses.

In a previous life, I also had fun creating computer animations, which included playing in CAD drafting, 3D modeling, and VRML.

Give websites life! - Keith D Commiskey
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