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This site offers two powerful shopping cart catalogs, and powerful addons for each of these exceptional online shopping cart catalogs. The catalogs provided are the affordable OptionCart Deluxe, and the more fully featured Simple Site Catalog. Both online catalogs work with either the free or premium Mals-e cart and commerce services.
Shopping Cart Catalogs (Online Web Stores)
Both catalog systems integrate with the very-popular Mals-e shopping cart software (Mals offers both a free and a premium shopping cart).
The OptionCart Deluxe shopping cart catalog system is one of the most inexpensive ways to get your e-commerce system started.
The Multi-Product Editor allows owners of the OptionCart product catalog (below) to view, edit, duplicate and delete multiple products on the same page.
The Multi-Product Adder can be used to speed up the addition of new products into your online product catalog system.
The Simple Site Catalog offers an even more robust shopping cart catalog system. And even the increased price doesn't do the available features justice. Simple Content Management System (CMS), multiple product editor, Froogle feed (Google Base), and lots more!
A variety of custom modules have been developed to bring this catalog above and beyond this already feature-enriched catalog. Add-ons such as the Web Links Categorizer, Custom Boxes, Customer Order Update Notifier, and a variety of highlighting options on various catalog sections, among others. See the full list on the "Custom Mods" page.
Shopping Cart
If you want to start selling goods or services on the internet, you'll want to add a shopping cart to enable product collections and order tabulations. Mal's free e-commerce service will help you do just that. Add simple 'Buy Now' buttons to your product pages and your customers can fill out an order while they browse your website. Configure the cart to collect card data and save it for processing later or, with a Premium account, link directly to a number of big name payment processors.
Both OptionCart and the Simple Site Catalog helps fill your web site with products, while the shopping cart allows your customer to keep track of their orders. The Multi-Product Editor helps to maintain your catalog (your web site's products) in record time. The speed increase is dramatic. We know this for two reasons; we use it, and, our clients have let us know. The five biggest investments you can make for your site are; web design and development, marketing and advertising (including Search Engine Optimization, or SEO), an extensible cart, a catalog system, and, the Multi-Product Editor.
If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. The differences between catalogs can get confusing a bit, and purpose coupled with what you can afford also play major roles.
Thanks for visiting.
The combination of Mals-E shopping cart software, the OptionCart Catalog, and the Multi-Product Editor creates one of the most awesome and powerful tools you can find or use for your e-commerce needs.
The Multi-Product Editor (MPE) and Multi-Product Adder (MPA) both work with the OptionCart Deluxe shopping cart catalog system.
Neither the MPE nor the MPA will overwrite any existing data or information already stored in your database. It will however expedite the adding and updating of such information.