MPA - Instructions

1. Fill in the fields on the XLS sheet
2. Click the tall button on the left to check for single apostrophes and single backslashes - It will escape them both with a backslash
3. Select the "Copy/Paste" column (column "S") from row # 4 to the last product row
     It is recommended to do no more than 100-200 at a time
4. Load OptionCart Deluxe Shopadmin
5. Select the MPAS option (only shows with new "Links" file)
6. Paste contents and Execute
7. Run the Multi-Product Adder/Categorizer (MPAC) via the OptionCart Deluxe Shopadmin menu

Excel (XLS) Sheet Breakdown:
     1st Row = Name of OptionCart column (field) name
     2nd Row = Description of what the field should contain
     3rd Row = An example product