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MPA - Important Notes
Important! If a category is deleted using the OptionCart Deluxe Shopadmin function, it is also removed from all products assigned to that category. Therefore, you cannot get that category back to being assigned to those products (using the MPAC "will not" get it back).
Categories will not be created in the categories table; you should run the Multi-Product Adder/Categorizer (MPAC - Step 4) to populate the categories table based on the categories you've supplied in this list.
This will get your products in OptionCart in their most initial/preliminary stages; it will not apply anything more to them, such as options or subcategories
The XLS sheet supports (will hold) up to 1,000 products (although it is recommended to do no more than 100-200 "copy/paste" at a time)
In the XLS sheet, at least one category should be filled in; the rest can be empty.
This is for "New" products only! Duplicate entries will cause the execution (pasted queries) to fail; however, all products before failing product will have been added successfully.
Consider carefully before deleting items in order to update them with this script. If they had options or were subcategorized, that extra information will be lost. This is only a quick get-it-in-there utility.
This routine has not been thoroughly tested outside of the development computer/server/domain, and errors are possible. Check and recheck what it's doing and where it's stopping. You might just find the problem yourself.
The combination of Mals-E shopping cart software, the OptionCart Catalog, and the Multi-Product Editor creates one of the most awesome and powerful tools you can find or use for your e-commerce needs.
The Multi-Product Editor (MPE) and Multi-Product Adder (MPA) both work with the OptionCart Deluxe shopping cart catalog system.
Neither the MPE nor the MPA will overwrite any existing data or information already stored in your database. It will however expedite the adding and updating of such information.