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Multi-Product Adder and Categorizer
This utility can be used to speed up the addition of new products into your catalog system. You prepare the data, it will prepare SQL queries that will insert your data into the correct table. Then you will run another function which will update the categories table as necessary.

The most important concept of this utility: This is only a quick get-it-in-there utility. It does not do anything with options, subcategories, or anything else. It is only a way to quickly get a lot of products into the catalog quickly. You should use the Admin features to modify the products once they're in the database.

Basically this is a two-part process;
     1. Add products
     2. Update categories table

Whenever Part 1 is used, it should be followed up immediately by Part 2
Part 2 can be used independently to ensure all categories that are allocated in the Shop_Items table are indeed in the Shop_Categories table (good checker for if any products have been added "outside" of the OptionCart Deluxe Shopadmin - directly into the Shop_Items table, as the MPA does).

The combination of Mals-E shopping cart software, the OptionCart Catalog, and the Multi-Product Editor creates one of the most awesome and powerful tools you can find or use for your e-commerce needs.
The Multi-Product Editor (MPE) and Multi-Product Adder (MPA) both work with the OptionCart Deluxe shopping cart catalog system.
Neither the MPE nor the MPA will overwrite any existing data or information already stored in your database. It will however expedite the adding and updating of such information.