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Simple Site Catalog (introducing 2.7*)
* The 2.71 files are stable and represent the current distribution.

A powerful yet simple and affordable online web store building system which offers a multitude of options, including a built-in CMS (content management system), a built-in multi-product editor, and a built-in Froogle feed submission feature for simple Froogle updates.

The Simple Site Catalog works seamlessly with either the free or premium Mals-e shopping cart and commerce services. Bring your products to market in addition to building a community of returning and repeat customers. Keep it simple, and give it to them straight.

Add-ons for the Simple Site Catalog can be found in the list on the left.

Below are a few of the features of the Simple Site Catalog system:

CMS: Includes a Content Management System allowing you full control over your site, directly from the admin pages.
Templates: Allows for flexibility in page design. Change your entire site's theme in just a few clicks.
Administration Features: Includes several features that provide you additional site functionality, such as a Multi-Product Editor (Global Updates) and a Froogle Feed.
Additional Features: See the catalog details page for a full list of all these features.
See the Catalog Details page for a full list of all these features
Please note that the MPE does not work with the Simple Site Catalog. The Simple Site Catalog has its own built-in Global Products Text File Uploader and Multi-Product Editor.
Requirements: A web host with PHP 4.0 or higher and mySQL 3.23 or higher. You must be able to FTP files and change file permissions to use the system. The files require less than 1.5 Mb of space. The database of this demo catalog is 200 Kb.
The combination of Mals-E shopping cart software, the OptionCart Catalog, and the Multi-Product Editor creates one of the most awesome and powerful tools you can find or use for your e-commerce needs.
The Multi-Product Editor (MPE) and Multi-Product Adder (MPA) both work with the OptionCart Deluxe shopping cart catalog system.
Neither the MPE nor the MPA will overwrite any existing data or information already stored in your database. It will however expedite the adding and updating of such information.