Multi-Product Editor (MPE)
The Multi-Product Editor is a PHP script providing users using the Mals Free Shopping Cart Software and the OptionCart Deluxe Catalog system combination to view, edit, duplicate and delete multiple products on the same page. The Multi-Product Editor is integrated directly into the OptionCart Deluxe Catalog.
Why do I need this addon? Increase Productivity via Multiple Product Editing!
Save hours in editing time. Double productivity at a minimum.
Quickly edit up to 30 items per page vs single item editing.
Modify catalogs, and find items with ease and convenience.
Edit products by category groups.
Edit products by active, inactive, or out of stock status.
Edit multiple fields including image path, inventory, units, prices, categories & more.
Integrates directly into the OptionCart Deluxe catalog for solid security.
Time is money, and this feature saves you a lot of time!
MPE for OptionCart
MPE for OptionCart
Multi-Product Editor (MPE-OC) for OptionCart
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