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Category: dart

  • Flutter: The perfect take!

    Flutter: The perfect take!

    Flutter FTW! When asked by a non-technical stranger on LinkedIn to explain what Flutter is, being I’m not in sales or marketing, and knowing I’d get too technical, I turned to ChatGPT to help out. The Prompt: As succinctly as possible (maybe just a few paragraphs), what advantages does Flutter offer for cross-platform mobile app…

  • Migrating to Dart’s Null Safety

    Migrating to Dart’s Null Safety

    Prior to starting on my 4th Flutter mobile app, and because it seems that every plugin now supports it, I decided to give migrating to Dart’s null safety a go. Sound null safety is available in Dart 2.12 and Flutter 2. In reading through the migration documentation, it appears the migration tool may pose as…

  • Learning Mobile App Development via Flutter

    Learning Mobile App Development via Flutter

    Learning: Mobile App Development – via Flutter What is … Flutter? Flutter is a mobile—and web—app development framework powered by the Dart programming language. It is akin to React Native or Ionic, and is built by Google. Dart is akin to JavaScript—but not. Since coming out of beta in December 2018, trends from Stack Overflow…