TypeError: Undefined: Redux 4

Redux 4 > createStore > compose The Error TypeError: Cannot read property ‘apply’ of undefined [node_modules/redux/es/redux.js:523] The Problem and Solution If you’ve gone through a tutorial in which they suggest adding the Redux Dev Tools in your store.js like this: window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__ && window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__() But they’re using it inside of a compose(), you could receive a

My Programming History: As of July, 2017

Coming up on my 1-year of being ‘between jobs’ (reasons explained within), figured I’d pay a tribute to all my developmental years up to now. Beyond the technologies I’ve semi-mastered along the way, and the projects I’ve completed, I’ve always enjoyed learning and, quite simply, being productive. I started programming with Atari Basic. I used

Completed First React App: Track Your Cash

My first React app is now live. It’s called “Track Your Cash” and is a simplified checkbook register. The project uses React, React Router 4, and Redux, and runs on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu-based NGINX server. “Track Your Cash” Demo: https://kdcinfo.com/app/register/(this will redirect to Digital Ocean’s IP address) View the code on GitHub: https://github.com/KDCinfo/track-your-cash This

Can’t Decide Where to Eat? Let Pick-a-Meal decide for you!

Pick-a-Meal is an online “Random Food Type and Restaurant Selector”. You choose multiple Food Types or Restaurants from a list that you create, and it will randomly pick one for you. https://kdcinfo.com/pickameal/ I (re)built Pick-a-Meal to continue learning more about Laravel. My older, downloadable, version was done in very old school PHP(4). The new online

Form-a-Form Online Service

With regards to my form-a-form online service <kdcinfo.com/db/form-a-form/>: Due to people forgetting they signed up for this service as a subscription, and my getting chargebacks (for $1.95 no less), despite it being non-refundable, and despite the contract they signed with the PayPal subscription service, I have discontinued this service until I can find a better method