A Little Node…

Figured I’d take a break from my daily JavaScript adventures (w/ Codewars) and learn a little Node with Express and MongoDB. Although it says 30 minutes, after downloading, creating an account, and installing Postman, learning what it is and how it works, then doing all the same with mLab (MongoDB), then figuring out why MongoDB wouldn’t connect (was a v2 vs. v3 thing), it took me a tad longer than I’d hoped. But it was still an excellent run-through for the basics of a CRUD app.

In my ‘time it took’ defense, as it took me a couple days, on and off, it was in between my reading through dozens of pages derived from my initial reading of MDN Object Prototypes and MDN Prototypal Inheritance (all of which is making more and more ‘foundational’ sense). Speaking of MDN, it was also fun reading through the MDN Closure page recently… another page that took me ‘days’ (er, or maybe it was weeks, …or months…) to thoroughly read through, run tests on CodePen, and comprehend.

Anyways, if you’re into learning a little Node, give it a shot. I’ve still got to go through the remaining ‘RUD’ 🙂


-Keith D Commiskey

Keith D Commiskey






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