Front-End Development Certification Achieved!

291 Coding challenges later… Free Code Camp Front-End Development Certification achieved!

The last project assignment was to build a Simon Game: I built Simon 20 – complete with 3 speed levels, and a cheat mode! Initial functional development was completed in 8 hours. But follow-up tweaks and enhancements cost another 2 days, so it went about 3 days in total.

My Free Code Camp public profile indicates I began the course on Oct 18, taking one full calendar month.

The course was fun and helped a lot with keeping with practical everyday exercises.

Next up: Well, I was going to start into, but looks like their site isn’t as secure as one would hope (no SSL cert for HTTPS). I had to sign out and revoke my API Key :'( Strange I didn’t notice when I signed up – it’s one of the first things I typically check on with a site I intend to work with.

-Keith D Commiskey

Keith D Commiskey

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