ChatGPT gets Expressive with Emojis

My first time seeing ChatGPT respond with emojis, and I’m still . . . speechless.

– Keith |

Keith D Commiskey






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  1. Medium Hairstyles Avatar

    May I have information on the topic of your article?

    1. Keith D Commiskey Avatar

      Certainly! This particular article references ChatGPT and the surprise with how it began adding emojis to its conversations.

      What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Here’s an example communique:

      > G’day! Could you provide a short snippet of what ChatGPT is or does at like an elementary level?
      > ChatGPT
      > Hey there! ChatGPT is like a really smart robot that you can talk to on your computer. It helps answer questions, gives you ideas, and can chat about all kinds of things. Just type what you want to say, and it talks back in words on the screen!

      I will say this ‘article’ was likely my shortest post ever, but then it was more about sharing a quick observation than a post. I would have posted it to Twitter but it would seem that platform has been X-ed out.

      Thanks for asking!

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