Instructing My First Tutoring Course [2019 Sep-Oct]

The results of teaching my first tutoring course:

Background: I took on teaching this class less than two weeks prior to the class starting. I had never taken the course before. I had never formerly taught a class before. The only thing that caught me up was the second week in my correcting some misleading coding standards.

I believe the end results (and comments) sum up a lot about me. I start out good, I take a slump (a learning curve to thoroughness), and I come roaring back to finish out the last half of the project with zest, and a much better comprehension of the entire situation (…and accounting for curriculum adjustments).

All in all, I believe—and hope—the students learned something, and if they continue to pursue web development, I hope their learning experience has helped them in their efforts.

Keith D Commiskey


HTML, CSS and JavaScript in Reno

From September 9th, 2019 to October 5th, 2019
Saturday workshops from 9am to 1pm
Reno Collective (1515 Plumas St)
You CONFIRMED teaching this course on September 3rd


HTML, CSS and JavaScript | Monday Sep 9th to Saturday Oct 5th

Instructor: Keith Commiskey

Student Group: RENO-2019-08

Workshops: Reno Collective | 1515 Plumas St | Saturday from 9am to 1pm

Total number of students enrolled: 4

Weekly Completions:
4 (0 missing)
3 (1 missing)
3 (1 missing)
3 (1 missing)

Weekly Rating:

  • Wk 1: 4.25
    (4 responses) 
  • Wk 2: 3.8
    (5 responses) 
  • Wk 3: 5
    (3 responses)
  • Wk 4: 4.67
    (3 responses)

Average Rating: 4.43


Week 0 Feedback 
> Good so far!
> Positive
> More cohesive presentation of written material would help. 4-5 different apps were used to present ‘written’ course material. At least 3 different text editors were used.

Week 1 Feedback 
> Nothing

> I would love a little bit more preparation with the assignment in advance so that troubleshooting is easier.
> I wish the instructor was more prepared for the class. It seems like he has a wealth of knowledge, but doesn’t seem like he reviews the class material. It is a little frustrating having your instructor tell you to add tags around your labels to get your CSS to work – then your CSS still does not work. Only to find out after we briefly went over the ‘answers’ that I never needed to add tags to begin with. Instead I should have focused my time on correcting the HTML surrounding my labels…

I understand there are many ways to do things with web dev and I am by no means saying the instructor is bad. He is very knowledgeable and does answer many questions.

> More of a focused approach for the workshop assignment, so that we all proceed with solving issues with our code in the same direction. Otherwise it’s hard to work with others to understand things better when we all diverge so far off course, this early in the game.

Week 2 Feedback 

> Very satisfied. I felt the instructor did a great job explaining the JS topics that we were covering. He also did an excellent job in answering all of the questions that I had. He answered some more advanced questions for me that were not covered in the videos and it really helped me make some more connections.

> Keith has been magical in helping to explain some of the nuanced topics that the videos gloss over. He spent like three hours on the phone with me the other night explaining JavaScript syntax to me.

Week 3 Final Feedback

> Thank you! I appreciate how patient you were with me while I asked question after question.

> Keith was awesome – a lot of questions were thrown at him and I think he did a great job in answering them. He seemed like he warmed up and got more comfortable on classes 3 and 4.
The way he answered my questions were never really “here is the answer”, they were more “here is some information, try this” which gave me an opportunity to figure out the bigger problem in smaller pieces – which I appreciated.

Keith D Commiskey

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