There’s code in my … code! A common experience?

After writing about 500 initial lines of code in designing a database schema for a web app, I realized I’d gone and added 150 lines of JavaScript code—for handling 30 lines of JSON data I’d written above that—all directly in my `.sql` file.

I often create new ‘untitled’ documents for temporary storage, but was curious if others might find themselves writing something completely different smack in the middle of their source? Productive tangents?

I subsequently relocated the code into its own private `HTML` file, where it can now actually be tested to see if the code runs and all…

Keith D Commiskey


The code took a few adjustments, but was able to run as intended. I stripped it out six hours later and streamlined the entire approach, although I wouldn’t have found that streamlined approach had I not gone through the pain of initially overthinking it. I will blog the resulting coding tool within a couple days (hint: it’s on CodePen).

Keith D Commiskey

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