Triple Web App Revival: Keep Track; Pick-a-Meal; Guess Right

Triple Web App Revival: Keep Track; Pick-a-Meal; Guess Right

I develop web apps for continual daily training and as a way to stay productive—and because they can sometimes produce fun and useful tools to use in life. Sadly, two of those utilities, and one of my games took to the sidelines last year. Fortunately, however, I was finally able to devote some time to getting them all up and running once again.

Tech Details: tl;dr—The PHP EOL crept up on me, and in upgrading PHP, I also had to upgrade Laravel, which I knew was going to take some time (turned out two weeks’ worth, but could’ve been worse). Unfortunately I don’t recall much about all the controllers I wrote, and I likely understand less about traits and middleware than ever before. But alas, I am not a Laravel Developer; I know enough to get my apps working (usually).

It was a delight to see all three sites spin back up—the blue on KeepTrack was beautiful; the coffee cup on Pick-a-Meal gorgeous; and the depth the letter cubes project on Guess Right seduced me into playing a few games for fum.

I did cut out the Facebook login, but alas, I need to shift back to my job search. I did add in e-mail verification, which I believe was a major step up.

And without further ado… readers and eaters, I bring you, the revival of …

Keep Track –
Keep Track is a free online personal inventory manager for keeping track of all types of ‘stuff’… “Your stuff!”

Can’t decide what to eat? Can’t decide where to eat? Let Pick-a-Meal pick it for you!

Guess Right
Guess Right and Be Happy! Instructions: 1) Pick the right letters and be happy. 2) Choose the wrong letters and try again. Life is simple! Stop thinking and just guess. It’s fun, fun, fun!!!

I also added all three of these back to my web app showcase.

Always open to input.

-Keith D Commiskey

P.S. On a side note, a couple days back I also devised a resume versioning system and wrote up a Version Conversion Utility. It’s available (with tl;dr instructions) on CodePen.

Keith D Commiskey

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