I Miss Century Bank (aka, I now have ATM Fees [fees being plural])

Recently, Wells Fargo acquired Century Bank. My first withdrawl at a Non-Wells Fargo ATM produced these results on my balance sheet.

NON-MEMBER ATM FEE – ATM USAGE = $3.00 (the ATM fee itself)

NON-WF ATM BAL INQUIRY FEE = $1.50 (for having the ATM tell me my balance)

NON-WELLS FARGO ATM TRANSACTION FEE = $2.50 (for withdrawing $… isn’t that double jeopardy, double indemnity, double taxation, or double something or other?)

$7.00 to make a withdraw at a Non-Wells Fargo ATM.

I so miss Century Bank! They not only didn’t charge ATM fees, they reimbursed the any ATM fees charged. Are there any Century Bank-types still out there?

* I tried Chase, and after hearing all their fees, I reconsidered, and they wanted $25 to close my account if done within 90 days of opening it. And b/c I decided against it, and wasn’t going to do direct deposit, it was gonna be a $6/mo service charge. I had to put it on my calendar to remember to close it after paying them $12 to avoid paying the $25.

* Bank of America lost me when they took my ATM card when I learned what a wash was, and they wanted to ‘teach me a lesson’ (this was a long time ago, but I know they’re still too big to be much different than WF). Not to mention they were the first to sponsor loans for illegal aliens without social security numbers. Wells Fargo also joined the openness for such loans. I want a home loan without providing my SSN!

* Viewpoint lost me when they were Community Credit Union, and the lady left someone’s filled out application on the desk in front of me when she went to go get me something, Social Security number, full name, address, the whole 9 yards.

Century Bank was awesome! I understand they were local to Dallas, but perhaps there is another similar bank that’s nationwide?

Keith D Commiskey

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