Pet Ref App: A Customizable Reference Tool

Introducing the “Pet Ref App“: A customizable reference tool.

The Pet Ref App is an all-in-one location for pet-related notes and meds.

Easy to use, the web app can be used in vet offices, by students in pet-related fields, or as personal notes or school references.

Now Open! As of Thursday, August 22, 2019, the Pet Ref App site officially launched and is ready for sign-ups.

Web App Background

The Pet Ref App resource tool was initially created to help with gaining an understanding of “what means what” when first starting to work with pets. There is so much information involved in caring for pets, and most times all of this information is strewn across books, binders, and websites, or worse, the information is only shared verbally amongst individuals.

This made learning about pet care challenging. This reference app was an attempt to centralize the information, while making it accessible via any computer or phone (#lovetheweb).

In demonstrating the reference tool, it appeared others could benefit from the information as well. An administrative tool with preset logins was then created to allow others the opportunity to update the information as well. This allowed those with even more knowledge to contribute, thus improving the quality of the information gathered.

In thinking broader, it became clear that one potential path for the app was in providing it to the general public—thus, was born. A home page was created, and a demo site provided (which doubles as a ‘new account’ base).

One advertisement is shown on the “View Mode” page to try to help offset site operating costs. This ad can also be turned off by the account’s Admin user by way of a very small paid subscription. But the information is available to those with ad blockers (and those running Opera) just as well. Why not block them? Because that’s not what this app is about. The core policy (the parent of isn’t about forcing ads on people—making money on sites comes second to providing a quality tool that others can benefit from. Additionally, even with ad blockers, people are encouraged to donate as well, which certainly helps to contribute to the site’s longevity.

Being a brand new site, please use the Contact Form (upper-right corner and footer) should you discover any issues, or just for general feedback. Thanks for reading!!

– Keith D Commiskey, Creator

Keith D Commiskey

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