Opera Browser Disables Keystrokes in other Apps [O-63 / W-1809]

Recently I’ve been experiencing intermittent issues in trying to use certain keystrokes in a few of my more common Windows-based applications. The two primary shortcuts I found that I cannot use are Ctrl-Shift-Home and Ctrl-Shift-End. These two shortcuts should highlight from the current cursor position to either the top or bottom of the available selection set, respectively.

I checked all types of OS-level keyboard settings. After closing a few apps in an effort to reboot, I suddenly found I could use those keystrokes again! So I brought back up my apps . . . one at a time. The moment I reopened Opera, the keystrokes disabled.

I tried disabling a lot of the various settings in Opera, one of which required a restart. I could not find a setting that gave me back these keystrokes.

Strangely, Shift-Home and Shift-End both work. Ctrl-Home and Ctrl-End also both work. They just don’t all work together. Additionally, all the Shift/Ctrl arrow keys also function fine.

I am in the dark as to why those keystrokes are disabled at the OS level affecting every application (including Opera itself) while Opera is open. Fortunately I only use the Opera browser for periodic web development testing and for playing WwF (via Facebook) with my mom. 😀

System: Windows 10 Home 1809 17763.737
Opera: 63.0.3368.71
Test Apps: Notepad; Wordpad; Sublime Text 3; Browser input areas.

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Keith D Commiskey

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