I got a Flutter Full Course Certification—Now what?!

The Goal: Find a mutually-accommodating position working on productive solutions involving mobile apps built with Flutter or JavaScript-based web interfaces before the end of the year.

The Plan:

  • → Phase I
    • Begin learning mobile app development via Flutter.
      • Complete. Yay! 🥈
  • → Phase II
    • Focus on a solid project to continue to broaden and strengthen Flutter knowledge.
      • 98% complete. This is what my next few posts will cover. ✍
  • → Phase III
    • Interview prep and job search.
      • Although I am one of those developers who is more comfortable discussing code while coding, I aim to learn how to discuss code without context as well (i.e., “Define the ‘spread operator'”). 🧐
  • → Phase IV
    • Upon finding a mutually-accommodating position, go above and beyond to help make my new job a success. 🤝

The Bottom line: I really like Flutter. It has been extremely challenging at times, but the lessons learned from those challenges have been mostly fundamental and insightful. 

I’m looking forward to sharing some of those insights. 

-Keith | https://keithdc.com 

Keith D Commiskey

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