The Appreciation of a Framework

. . . that inspires productivity.

The tl;dr is that, thanks to Flutter, my third app is now live in both Google’s Play Store (for Android) and Apple’s App Store (for iPhones and iPads).

The appreciation comes in the form of the Flutter framework providing a solid base from which to learn mobile app development, without getting lost in the intricate details of every minute facet of the mobile app engine underpinnings. This allows you to learn as you go, and to still be productive as you continue learning more, and more (and more).

I also enjoyed working with the Laravel framework (circa 2017). Once familiar with a framework, and in learning some of its nuances, app development time becomes more and more about the app than the tool. I’ve been enjoying seeing that transition with Flutter, and it’s inspiring.

Also thanks to the Flutter framework, and in setting up a shared theme and coding structure, this third app

only took five weeks to complete!

And—that development time was shared with learning how to implement new features such as push and local notifications, and for some devices (primarily iOS), how to give the app’s icon a “badge” indicating the app has an update waiting.

So, a big thank you to the Flutter team — and to Academind for getting us developers started off in the right direction early on.

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Further Reading: Mobile App Details

This image is of the primary mobile app interface for "Xpired To Be".

Titled “Xpired To Be”, this app is the third in a collection of free ‘simple reminder apps’ collectively named KD-reCall, and is paralleled with my open-sourced Chrome browser extension*.

*Note: Due to the Chrome extension operating solely in the browser, the mobile app and Chrome extension are not linked, and do not share data.

The Xpired To Be app aims to remind you to replenish items that will expire soon, such as medicine, first aid items, or pantry items.

Do you know when your butter expires?

> Expiration item examples:

  • First aid ointment
  • Cough drops
  • Vitamins
  • BBQ sauce
  • Honey

KD-reCall Details

This banner represents "Xpired To Be", the third in a collection of free 'simple reminder apps' collectively named KD-reCall.

An account is required to use any app in the KD-reCall reminder app collection, however, accounts are free, and only one account/email is needed for any KD-reCall reminder app.

  • — An alternate interface that allows for web-based user registration and general account settings for all KD-reCall mobile apps.

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#Flutter — putting the focus back on app development.

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