I··C··D··O··T··S (––and––lines––)

I··C··D··O··T··S··: A Web App Game

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ICDots is a board game for 2-7 players who will take turns selecting lines to form boxes.
Scoring is 1 point per box pinned.
Line colors have no distinction other than one is horizontal and one is vertical,
and the alternating colors felt visually appealing.

Game Reference

The Game:

  1. Board is between 2 and 7 (represented as 1 row of boxes).
  2. Number of players is between 2 and [Board] size.
  3. Players take turns.
  4. If a player pins a box, they go again.

Application URLs

Technology History

  • Inspired by a Codewars kata, the original kata solution was written with just JavaScript.
  • In making the game interactive, the first version of ICDots was written with JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance
    (e.g., let myGame = new Game() and Game.prototype.createBoard = function() { }).
    This was my first prototype-based coding project.
  • I then converted that version of the game to React with TypeScript.
    With this project, I added TypeScript alongside/during the conversion to React (as it should be done).

Tech Stack

Working on this project provided me a more in-depth look into

  • – JavaScript (ES5, ES2015 (ES6)) (+ downgrading ES7 .includes())
  • – React (16.2.0)
  • – TypeScript (2.13.0)
  • – Local component state and props


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Keith D Commiskey

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