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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Level 80; Last Day

06/09 (Tue): Level 80 (main character)

06/15 (Mon): Last Day of WoW

After hitting level 80, I spent a couple days running some folks through some lower-level instances, which was kinda fun. I know once folks hit level 80, for the most part, they either do battlegrounds or raids, but I'm not really into those.

When I first started WoW, I enjoyed exploring new grounds and seeing new things, but in the end, I just enjoyed the questing, the goals to get to new areas (and new functionality), and then the goal to get to 80. I'm not sure the difference between 1-40 and 70-80 is, but my guess is there was just too much to cover. 40-70 was most enjoyed when I was able to group with my brother-in-law.

Well, without a line drawn for someone's end game, there isn't one, so I drew mine at getting to level 80. I'm back now in life to where I was prior to WoW... going over the 20+ things in life that I enjoy doing most (besides playing WoW).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Multiple Character Stats: Moving Columns

You can now swap columns when providing more than one character on the Multiple Character Stats page. This is convenient when wanting to print a page for your records.

There is now a >> link to the right of every name except the far right name. Clicking this link will move the selected column one to the right (which is why the last column doesn't have a link). You can move them so they are ordered by level, last played date, etc.

In addition, the link from the comments page back to the MCS page will now retain the characters you originally had on the MCS page prior to going to the comments page (provided you go to the comments page from the MCS page, else it will again just provide my main 3 toons as examples).

Have fun!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Multiple Character Stats Comments Page

You can now leave comments on and rate the Multiple Character Stats page. You can also vote for your favorite class while you're there.

I created the Multiple Character Stats page as an incentive to keep all my stats up and to compare among my alts. Getting out of the gray. Getting out of maroon. Getting into the green. Looking forward to some cyan. :) Why else would someone purposely drop their weapons to fight bare handed? To get their unarmed stats up, that's why!

Seriously, comparing with your friends is good incentive too. We noticed some high level old timers with no cooking or fishing. Not that lack of those is a bad thing, but imo, they're missing out on just a few other aspects of WoW. I enjoyed finding out what that "10 Pound Mud Snapper" was that I caught. Sure felt important to me.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Altphilia (Altitis): At it's finest

Yes, it has been near 2 months since my last post. Why? It could have something to do with my trying to level 6 characters at once :o

I created Daajhnd to group and quest with friends from work (Aglean and Aglea). However, in creating him, he needed a mail alt, so I created Dreazz. However, Daajhnd also couldn't have gathering professions due to conflicts with Aglean and Aglea. So Daajhnd took up a couple non-gathering professions, and Dreazz was provided with two mining professions that he could skill up solo and provide the mats directly to Daajhnd. There went 1-2 weeks.

Then I got the notion to figure out what the PvP, RP, and RPPvP servers were. So I created a character on one each of those. After a couple nights, although RP could be really interesting, I also found it could be very time consuming, even for just one character. PvP on the other hand, well, that will prove to be some fun. I had already been playing as though I was PvP for near 6 months with my first character, Doujhe, because I didn't know that I always had PvP turned on. So it's no wonder everywhere I went I was getting killed by Horde :)

So, I created yet another mail alt for my primary on the PvP server I chose. Thus, Dolar and Dhesia were created on Rivendare. There went another couple weeks.

At some point, I was also pulled towards still getting Deajhd leveled to 40. Confused yet? Well, a week or two after getting back on track with Deajhd, my brother-in-law asked if I was still playing. That led to grouping/questing with him using Dhistens, my last Alliance toon to level to 40 on Windrunner. A bit on and off for a week with my brother-in-law, I then actually concentrated on Deajhd for this last week, and finally got him to 40 last night (along with 200 skills in 4 areas; fishing, wands, defense, and unarmed).

At this point, I will begin to power level Daajhnd, so that he can group/quest with Aglean's primary character, a level 63 lock on Hellscream. And by power leveling, I mean I got the "Brian Kopp's 1-70 Alliance Leveling Guide", which I'm hoping will show me the quickest way to 50/60 over the next 2-3 weeks.

At the same time however, I will continue to group with my brother-in-law whenever he's on and would like to group.

And if time permits, I would love to get my primary character, Doujhe, up to at least 60.

Should someone figure out how to get 6 more hours in the day, I would also love to keep leveling both Dolar and Dhesia, as well as begin the learning/experiencing of the Horde side with Dejhde and Duujhn. Will my now level 40 characters ever hit 70? I can see that... perhaps somewhere around 2010.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hellscream: Daajhnd and Dreazz

For those times when I only have a few minutes to play (aka, 1/2 hour or so), I just began leveling two new characters up on Hellscream. They should only take about 2 years while I’m still busy leveling my other 6 active characters on Windrunner (and that's not counting transferring over and playing Horde).

Welcoming, Daajhnd and Dreazz

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mounts at Level 30

FYI if you didn’t already know, with the 2.4.3 patch released on July 15th, apprentice training for mounts is now available at level 30. It’s very weird watching a level 30+ running around on a mount. And they did this when my 7th character (Dehrange) was at 39. Luckily, Deajhd is a 23 and Dhistens is a 24.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dehrange Hits 40

Entry DateLevelJournal Entry
2008-07-0226Ding 26 in Ashenvale. Questing in Forst Song. Reminder: Get leatherworking up for Hillman's Cloak.
2008-07-0733Ding 27-32 throughout Ashenvale/Forest Song. Although it says I should, questing in Desolace is more of a mid-30s to 40 level area. Headed to Darkshire for a few quests there (ding 33), then will try Shimmering Flats. Am 'trying' to stay in Kalimdor.
2008-07-1034Ding 34 in Shimmering Flats. Should make 35 and even perhaps 36 there too. That should get me back into Desolace, and perhaps even into Dustwallow Marsh. I should also have enough to get Leatherworking over 200, but will probably wait until level 36.
2008-07-1438Ding up to 38 in Shimmering Flats, Desolace, then Stranglethorn Vale. 35-40 is a bit challenging in Kalimdor, so decided to just hit 40 (at least) in Stranglethorn Vale. Will head back to Dustwallow Marsh, then probably Feralas, after questing in SV.
2008-07-1539Ding 39 in Stranglethorn Vale. Only one or two more quests from level 40, then can move on to Deajhd. Will consider abandoning SV quests at 40 in lieu of migrating back to Kalimdor. SV is a great place to level 35-40 though.
2008-07-1740Ding 40 in Stranglethorn Vale. Got Elekk mount and ability to wear mail. Still to consider abandoning SV quests in lieu of migrating back to Kalimdor.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Dhistens is going to drop leatherworking in favor of skinning. True, Dehstni and Dehrange are both already skinners, but here's the way I see it.

So many of the mobs killed throughout the game can be skinned. Mining is "here and there" to which most times you have to go a tad out of your way when you spot a mine. As is the same with herbalism. With skinning, you're right there to gather the mats.

Doujhe can go and get just about any minerals needed for whatever. He's got his mount and can get there and make rounds quick. The same goes for Daajhn and herbalism. If I need any of these, I can go farm them with intent. Skinning is more of a "while I'm there" type gathering profession.

So if the other professions are aptly being taken care of, why not just gather something quick "while I'm there"? Dhistens will keep tailoring, as that will come in handy, but Dehrange will stay to fill the leatherworking craft which Dhistens will be dropping in order to pick up skinning.

Monday, June 30, 2008

A Helping Hand

It's nice to have friends (or alts in this case). Deajhd needs a Runed Silver Rod to do some higher level enchants. This silver rod is created by a blacksmith, which luckily Dehstni is proficient with. The silver rod requires a silver bar, which can be smelted from silver ore. Luckily, Doujhe is proficient with mining and smelting.

So Doujhe will go find and mine the silver ore, smelt the ore to a silver bar, put it in the bank so Dehstni can withdraw it and create the silver rod. She'll then put that in the bank so Deajhd can withdraw it to begin his next level of enchant proficiencies.

Obviously, Deajhd could just go to the AH and purchase a silver rod, but where's the fun in that? :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Character: Dehrange Dragnist

Well, I found I was having absolutely no fun playing a Rogue. I'm sure others have fun with it, but it seems to be something you just really need to enjoy doing. I experimented with another rogue of my level in learning to pick locks and deuling. The deuling aspects just really weren't my style. I can appreciate those that do though. It's a lot of keyboard effort. But my final thought on it was it was just a bit too much grinding for me. My warrior was similar, but somehow I pressed on with her, and she does alright now.

In light of my decision to back off from playing my rogue, I still needed a leatherworking player, and so created a Hunter with skinning and leatherworking. Welcome Dehrange to the Dragnist family. His pet, once he gets one, will be named Dehranged. He is also Draenei so he can capitalize on some inherent healing.

I'm still missing a Tailor now though, and I guess I won't have higher lockpicking capabilities, as I'm sure a rogue has to be higher in levels to get higher in the skill. Perhaps another class will come along at some point that will also offer this skill. In the meantime, I'll also need to consider how to get some tailoring into the family.

All this, and when I feel I'm finally done with the Alliance side of the Dragnist descendants, it'll then be time to move on to the Horde side. Has it been half a year since I started playing alrady???