JavaScript Informational: Best of the Basics

Best of the Basics: JavaScript Informational JavaScript Informational: Best of the Basics: A full run through for entry- and mid-level developers looking for some solid fundamentals. Comments and suggestions always welcome. For those new to the language, this is my own personal introduction to the topic garnered from over 17 years of experience: I’m throwing

Popular Development Tags: Starting 2020

Popular Development Tags: Stack Overflow Starting off the year 2020 Below are the results for the most popular tags on Stack Overflow beginning the year 2020. javascript 1,931,524 845 asked today, 4835 this week java 1,626,006 585 asked today, 3235 this week c# 1,373,811 453 asked today, 2427 this week php 1,327,017 324 asked today,

There’s code in my … code! A common experience?

After writing about 500 initial lines of code in designing a database schema for a web app, I realized I’d gone and added 150 lines of JavaScript code—for handling 30 lines of JSON data I’d written above that—all directly in my `.sql` file. I often create new ‘untitled’ documents for temporary storage, but was curious

Triple Web App Revival: Keep Track; Pick-a-Meal; Guess Right

Triple Web App Revival: Keep Track; Pick-a-Meal; Guess Right I develop web apps for continual daily training and as a way to stay productive—and because they can sometimes produce fun and useful tools to use in life. Sadly, two of those utilities, and one of my games took to the sidelines last year. Fortunately, however,

Solve for ‘x’ with the Equation Calculator

Tweet Tweet !!: The “Equation Calculator” is the best “solve for x” calculator I’ve come across: … and it takes full URL calculations complete with step-by-step solutions. (#Symbolab; #Eqsquest)  — Keith D Commiskey (@kdcinfo) October 17, 2019 Although learning the Solver on a TI-83 or -84 is just as helpful (especially being that’s allowed

Opera Browser Disables Keystrokes in other Apps [O-63 / W-1809]

Recently I’ve been experiencing intermittent issues in trying to use certain keystrokes in a few of my more common Windows-based applications. The two primary shortcuts I found that I cannot use are Ctrl-Shift-Home and Ctrl-Shift-End. These two shortcuts should highlight from the current cursor position to either the top or bottom of the available selection

Pet Ref App: A Customizable Reference Tool

Introducing the “Pet Ref App“: A customizable reference tool. The Pet Ref App is an all-in-one location for pet-related notes and meds. Easy to use, the web app can be used in vet offices, by students in pet-related fields, or as personal notes or school references. Now Open! As of Thursday, August 22, 2019, the

Memory Recall: An Interview Thought

At least a few hundred JavaScript algorithm challenges after taking Harvard’s CS50 course, I realized that I use (my brain uses) a “trie” type of knowledge retrieval approach, as compared to someone who can do more of a “dictionary” type of memory lookup. That is, my recall works better when I’m creating and analyzing code

Front-End Development Certifications x2

  Two more freeCodeCamp certifications completed, with one more at 70%. Responsive Web Design JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures And although I’m only at 37% with Harvard’s CS50W: Web Programming with Python and JavaScript, and 23% with Google’s ‘Master web development’ courses (via Udemy), I’m considering running through another Vue series (via Laracasts), being the

Pros and Cons of Visual Studio Code vs. Sublime Text 3

Pros and Cons of Visual Studio Code vs. Sublime Text 3 Below are personal observations with the VS Code editor as compared to the Sublime Text editor. VS Code: A lightweight IDE Visual Studio Code (VS Code) Sublime Text: A customizable code editor Sublime Text 3.0 (ST3) VS Code: Pro and Cons Pro: TypeScript insights

Does your butter expire next week?

Expired To Be is a quick and convenient way to set and be reminded of expiration dates (free and open source). New Features available in version 2: Sort your list by expiration item name, expiration date, or ‘days left’ (until expiration notification). Set a ‘backup item date‘.Easily swap out expired items with a replacement date using the convenient blue

TypeError: Undefined: Redux 4

Redux 4 > createStore > compose The Error TypeError: Cannot read property ‘apply’ of undefined [node_modules/redux/es/redux.js:523] The Problem and Solution If you’ve gone through a tutorial in which they suggest adding the Redux Dev Tools in your store.js like this: window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__ && window.__REDUX_DEVTOOLS_EXTENSION__() But they’re using it inside of a compose(), you could receive a

Expired To Be: Now Available Most Anywhere

As a gift to the month of April, Expired To Be is now accessible from any browser! 🙂 What is… ‘Expired To Be’ is an app where you can set reminders for ‘things that expire’. Initially only available from the Chrome web store as a Chrome browser extension, it can now be accessed from any

Expired To Be 1.4 Released

‘Expired To Be‘ is a Chrome extension available on the Chrome Web Store. This Chrome browser extension allows you to enter expiration dates with ‘alarms’ (measured primarily in days) for any items you’d like to be reminded of. New features added in X2B 1.4:   – You can export your existing expiration items.   –

Expired To Be: A Chrome Browser Extension

Expired To Be A Chrome Browser Extension Set and be reminded of expiration dates. ‘Expired To Be’ is a Chrome extension available on the Chrome Web Store. Get notified of expiring items for things you don’t think about too often; like butter, medicine, or the supplies under your sink. As a developer, I spend most

Character Counts V2

The Chrome Web Extension “Character Counts” has been updated. Current Features: 1. Count the number of selected characters on a page. 2. Convert an ASCII(char) string* between normal ASCII, ASCII (Int), and Binary. * A string is represented by characters, words, and/or entire sentences. New Feature: 1. Choose if your conversion input (source) string is

I··C··D··O··T··S (––and––lines––)

I··C··D··O··T··S··: A Web App Game tl;dr – take me to the game already! ICDots is a board game for 2-7 players who will take turns selecting lines to form boxes. Scoring is 1 point per box pinned. Line colors have no distinction other than one is horizontal and one is vertical, and the alternating colors